Allie’s Corner: Self-Care during Pregnancy

Self-care can be challenging for women throughout the lives, not to mention during the busy and emotional experience of pregnancy. Ultimately, self-care is even more important when you’re pregnant because you are growing another human being.

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“Be Your Best Self” Event

Clinic Sofia is so proud to be working with TeamWomen, a Twin Cities-based leadership organization that brings women together for unique networking and educational events. We recently hosted the first of two “Be Your Best Self” events where Physician Assistant Allie Nowak, Dr. Amy Hammers and Dr. David Clay discussed “common concerns among young professionals.”

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Ask Sofia: Should I take a probiotic?

Most people know that a daily probiotic or the occasional yogurt is a good idea, but not everyone knows why or understands the options available when it comes to getting their daily dose of healthy bacteria.

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Living Longer, Living Better

On the whole, we are living longer, with average life expectancy hovering just below 80 years for people born in the United States in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control. By the year 2050, there were be more than 2 billion people in the world who are age 60 or older, according to an economic and social affairs report from the United Nations. However, living longer does not always mean living better.

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Functional Medicine 101

We know many of our patients are interested in functional medicine and the role it may play to help them with a chronic health condition or to simply lead a healthier lifestyle. That’s why Clinic Sofia is happy to announce that Physician Assistant Allie Nowak has completed a special certification course in functional medicine and is now available for appointments. What is functional medicine? In essence, functional medicine integrates holistic wellness under one umbrella, with a focus on the root causes of illness and the healing properties of a healthy lifestyle.

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Ask Sofia: Why Is It Important to Have a Healthy Gut?

That “gut” feeling is more than just intuition – the health of your body often starts and ends there.

“Your gut health influences a lot more than just digestion, it affects your entire body. Believe it or not, a healthy gut contains a diverse and balanced ecosystem of more than 100 trillion microorganisms where bacterial cells outnumber human cells 10 to 1,” said Allie Nowak, physician assistant at Clinic Sofia who is currently completing a program in functional medicine.

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Ask Sofia: Do I drink too much?

“If you think that you drink too much, there is a good chance that you do,” said Dr. Donna Block. “Many women tend to underestimate how much they drink – that’s why we ask about it during your annual visit – and underestimate the effects that alcohol can have on the body and mind over time. While it’s ok to celebrate on occasion, if you are struggling to get up in the morning and function well during the day, it’s probably time to talk with someone about your alcohol consumption.”

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Exercise: Tips to Get Moving

Mornings are cooler and darker so it’s hard to meet your neighbor for an early a.m. walk. Nights are busier with sports and homework and your favorite shows, so it’s challenging to make a class at the gym. If you’ve fallen out of the habit, you can probably come up with a dozen reasons you’re no longer working out, but you probably also know that exercising is one of the best things you can do for your mind and body.

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Feeling Fab? Thank Fido!

You’ve probably always known that your dog can make you happy, but did you know that an increasing body of research shows that your furry BFF can also make you healthy?

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Ask Sofia: Is it safe to use talcum powder?

While the product has been around for generations, talcum powder is in the news more than ever. In February, Johnson & Johnson was ordered to pay $72 million to a family of a woman who died of ovarian cancer after the family argued the death was linked to her use of baby powder. With many more cases regarding talcum powder filed elsewhere, questions about safety are cropping up.

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What We are Thankful for This Year

The month of Thanksgiving always offers the perfect opportunity to pause, reflect and give thanks for all of the big and small wonders in our life.

“We are truly thankful for all of our patients, for your trust, for sharing important moments in your lives, and for your conversations and inspiration,” said Dr. Donna Block. “Clinic Sofia is a wonderful place to work because of the amazing people we are fortunate to see and connect with every day.”

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