Preventing prenatal infections

February is International Prenatal Infection Prevent Month, a month designed to promote awareness of common infections that can be transmitted from mother to baby during pregnancy. Prenatal infections can be caused by bacteria, viruses or other microorganisms that enter the mother’s body through the vagina or cervix, sometimes before pregnancy is even detected.

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Ask Sofia: Is it safe to take CBD during pregnancy?

CBD is everywhere these days, prompting more pregnant and breastfeeding women to ask: Is it safe for me and my baby?

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New Guidelines for RSV Vaccination

In August, the FDA approved the first-ever RSV vaccine, known as Abrysvo, for use during pregnancy to protect newborns in their first six months after birth. The vaccine is designed to be administered as a single dose during 32-36 weeks of gestation during RSV season—typically September through January.

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Dr. Erin Stevens Shares Postpartum Tips for Parents

Naturally, Labor Day is a special day at Clinic Sofia. This year, Dr. Erin Stevens joined the morning crew at Fox 9 Good Day to share some tips for what to expect after pregnancy.

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Tell me more about ultrasounds

If you are pregnant—or struggling to get pregnant—you may have already had an ultrasound. These safe imaging tests, also called sonograms, use sound waves to take a closer look at your organs and tissues and to monitor fetal growth and development during pregnancy. An ultrasound can help predict your anticipated date of delivery and show baby’s shape and position—not to mention multiple pregnancies.

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Preparing for Multiples

Preparing for one baby can feel overwhelming, so when you multiply that by two, three or even more, you might be wondering where to start and how to plan for the caring of multiple newborns. Fortunately, today you have access to a wealth of information on preparing for multiples—the rate of twin births continues to rise, reaching more than 31 out of every 1,000 live births as of 2021.

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