Tell me more about ultrasounds

If you are pregnant—or struggling to get pregnant—you may have already had an ultrasound. These safe imaging tests, also called sonograms, use sound waves to take a closer look at your organs and tissues and to monitor fetal growth and development during pregnancy. An ultrasound can help predict your anticipated date of delivery and show baby’s shape and position—not to mention multiple pregnancies.

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The ins and outs of pelvic floor therapy

From pelvic pain to incontinence and endometriosis to pregnancy and postpartum issues, pelvic floor therapy can improve quality of life and overall function for women of all ages.

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Ask Sofia: How much postpartum bleeding is normal?

Postpartum bleeding, also known as lochia, is a natural part of the healing process after delivery. According to Dr. Pamela Jordi, you should expect bleeding—with or without clots—like a heavy period for several days post-delivery.

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Chronic yeast infections

While most women experience at least one yeast infection—characterized by itching, swelling, discharge and vaginal pain—in their lifetime, about eight percent of women face four or more a year. These chronic yeast infections occur when the normal balance of bacteria and yeast in the vagina is altered. They can be caused by a variety of factors such as antibiotics, pregnancy, diabetes, genetics, sexual activity and wearing wet clothing. Sometimes, the cause is unknown.

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Ask Sofia: How do I know if my period is too heavy?

Over the course of your lifetime, your period will change—and they can get especially heavy early on, after pregnancy or breastfeeding, and even during menopause. However, if your period is starting to feel like it’s always heavy, then it’s likely time to see your doctor.

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Ask Sofia: What should I expect in my annual exam?

Also known as a well visit, your annual exam will encompass your current health status, a breast and pelvic exam, general check of height/weight/blood pressure, information on vaccinations, potentially a Pap test, and a chance to discuss topics from birth control to mammograms to menstruation to family history. This preventative and diagnostic exam provides an annual health baseline and a chance to connect with your doctor.

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