Ask Sofia: What should I expect in my annual exam?

Also known as a well visit, your annual exam will encompass your current health status, a breast and pelvic exam, general check of height/weight/blood pressure, information on vaccinations, potentially a Pap test, and a chance to discuss topics from birth control to mammograms to menstruation to family history. This preventative and diagnostic exam provides an annual health baseline and a chance to connect with your doctor.

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Clinic Corner: Pelvic pain part 2

In addition to vulvodynia, chronic pelvic pain without an identifiable cause, and vaginismus, involuntary muscle contraction of the pelvic floor and difficulty allowing vaginal penetration, pelvic pain can spring from a variety of issues. For example, endometriosis, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases and fibroids can all contribute to pelvic pain.

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Clinic Corner: Pelvic pain

“Pelvic pain is a common patient complaint at Clinic Sofia. Some women have dealt with pelvic pain for so long that they feel like it’s ‘normal” when so much can be done to diagnose and treat the pain,” said Dr. Jewelia Wagner, who notes that pelvic pain can be broken up into various compartments, such as deep versus superficial, right/left/midline/total pelvis, and vaginal versus vulvar.

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What if I have an abnormal Pap test?

If your latest Pap test results came back positive, it does not mean you have cervical cancer. It does mean your doctor found some unusual or abnormal cells on your cervix that will likely require further evaluation.

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Why you should schedule your mammogram today

The pandemic led to many women canceling or not scheduling their annual mammograms. If you haven’t yet gotten back on track with your regular screenings, there is no time like the present for making an appointment.

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Congrats to Dr. Pamela Jordi!

Dr. Pamela Jordi has been named a partner at Clinic Sofia, joining five other Clinic Sofia physicians who are partners at the Edina and Maple Grove locations. The clinic prides itself on being an independent, stand-alone clinic owned by a team of physicians with a vested interest in providing the best care possible to women in the Twin Cities.

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