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Ways to Brighten Your Spirits as the Days Get Darker

The darker afternoons and evenings that mark the end of Daylight Saving Time are swiftly approaching. If you struggle with shorter days during a typical year, the wild ride of 2020 might be even more challenging. With that in mind, this might be the perfect time to stock up on bright ideas for making this winter bearable and perhaps even enjoyable.

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Ask Sofia: Can I skip my mammogram this year?

While many women initially postponed mammograms, Pap tests and other screenings during the early days of the pandemic, Breast Cancer Awareness Month and National Mammography Day in October are reminders of the importance of this annual screening for most women. Mammograms can detect breast cancer early before it advances and requires more aggressive treatment, just one of the reasons you should maintain your regular schedule.

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Preventative care in 2020

Preventative care is always important. Doctor’s visits, screenings and vaccinations are all designed to support your health and prevent disease. This year, however, preventative care is even more critical than ever. Experts hope to prevent a “twindemic” of flu and Covid-19 and many illnesses have symptoms that can be confused for coronavirus, underscoring the need to make health a top priority this year.

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Is it time to make a birth control switch?

Some women love their birth control method while others struggle with remembering to take a daily pill, breakthrough bleeding, severe mood swings and other frustrating side effects. If you find yourself in the second camp, it might be time to talk with your doctor about making a switch.

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Making the Best of Back to School

Distance learning, hybrid or in-person – as school districts across the country determine their fall plans, many parents are left concerned or scrambling when it comes to managing education, jobs and family schedules.
Whether you are delighted with your district’s plans or less than thrilled, the following tips can help you make the best of your current back-to-school situation.

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Our Take on the Latest Cervical Cancer Screening Guidelines

The American Cancer Society recently updated its guidelines on cervical cancer screening, recommending that women start screenings at age 25 instead of 21. As of now, neither the American College of Gynecologists (ACOG) or ASCCP, the national organization of healthcare professionals committed to improving health through prevention and management of HPV-related diseases, has issued updates or changes in their recommendations for cervical cancer screening.

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