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Ask Sofia: Do you have any tips for excessive sweating?

While everyone is a little sweaty this time of year, some of us suffer from something called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating—when you sweat more than your body needs to regulate its temperature, including while sitting still in an air-conditioned room. It can be uncomfortable, irritating and the cause of excessive laundry as well.

There may be a genetic component to excessive sweating and it can also be triggered by stress, exercise or eating certain foods. Interestingly, the palms are the most common location for excessive sweating, followed by the armpits, feet and forehead—skin infections, cracks and other changes are potential side effects.

“Sweating is generally a healthy physiological response and a natural way to cool your body, but if you have any concerns, we can discuss treatment options and referrals,” said Dr. Amy Hammers.

A dermatologist can help you identify the issue, triggers and treatments. Sometimes, a maximum strength topical antiperspirant is all that’s needed. Other options include wearing breathable clothing, such as cotton, showering more often, over-the-counter and prescription medications, Botox injections in the areas of concern and a treatment called iontophoresis that involves a low-intensity electrical current.



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