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The ins and outs of pelvic floor therapy

From pelvic pain to incontinence and endometriosis to pregnancy and postpartum issues, pelvic floor therapy can improve quality of life and overall function for women of all ages.

Typically, pelvic floor therapists focus on three key areas for pelvic floor therapy:

  • Pelvic pain: Pain and discomfort can be related to a fall or injury, labor and delivery, intercourse, menopause, endometriosis and more;
  • Incontinence: This includes both urgency and leakage related to stress as well as “quick-twitch incontinence” which can happen with exercise;
  • Pregnancy/postpartum: From pubic synthesis pain to low-back pain and abdominal separation, a wide range of issues can be addressed both during and after pregnancy.

Clinic Sofia works with a number of referral partners that offer pelvic floor therapy, including Viverant, which provides physical therapy and nutrition services across the Twin Cities as well as in Alexandria, Duluth and Rochester.

In addition to education and awareness about how the body moves and healthy overall habits, physical therapy comes in the form of manual therapy, neuromuscular re-education, and strength and stability exercises to “help the body move better,” said Viverant Director of Physical Therapy Amy Boyden-Hoekstra. “We focus on strengthening, visceral release, home exercises and use Pilates to build the brain-body connection.”

You can think of a pelvic floor therapist as a partner to your OB-GYN: “Your doctor can assess if there is something going on with your bladder or uterus, and we can evaluate and use physical therapy to help get those muscles stronger and in a better position,” Boyden-Hoekstra added.

The good news is that pelvic floor therapy is covered by insurance and now available in more clinics and locations than ever.


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