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Why We Love “The Crown”

Are you as excited for season 2 of “The Crown” as we are? This award-winning Netflix series, starting Claire Foy as Queen Elizabeth II, turns history and biography into true must-see drama. With outstanding acting and directing and insight into royal relations, the first season followed the Queen into office and marriage and highlighted the challenges of family life and royal duties. The full series is intended to last 60 episodes over six seasons.

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Living Longer, Living Better

On the whole, we are living longer, with average life expectancy hovering just below 80 years for people born in the United States in 2015, according to the Centers for Disease Control. By the year 2050, there were be more than 2 billion people in the world who are age 60 or older, according to an economic and social affairs report from the United Nations. However, living longer does not always mean living better.

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Women supporting women

All women know that having a period can be unpleasant. Imagine having to experience that time of the month without reliable access to pads and tampons, clean underwear or safe bathrooms – resources many of us take for granted. That is unfortunately the reality for women experiencing homelessness or who are displaced from their homes due to domestic violence. During the month of Thanksgiving, Clinic Sofia is hoping that those of us who have a lot to be thankful for can come together to give to the women who need it most.

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The latest on mammograms

As Breast Cancer Awareness Month comes to a close, we want to encourage you to make breast health a priority all year long. Early detection is key in fighting breast cancer, which is why we asked Dr. Deb Krahl to weigh in on some of patients’ most common questions when it comes to their breasts.

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Do I need a life coach?

Most people are familiar with sports coaches who help develop a team, provide targeted training and encourage teammates to work toward a specific goal. Outside of the sports arena, life coaches can help individuals work through personal and professional issues while focusing on self-confidence, stronger relationships, and setting and achieving goals.

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Get Back on Track with Your Budget

A new season offers a fresh chance to get back on track – back on track with your health and wellness goals, back on track with your commitments and routine, and back on track with your budget. Fall, in particular, offers an ideal fresh start when it comes to money matters.

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