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Food Trends for 2017

If you have a New Year’s resolution associated with health and wellness, or simply an interest in the latest food trends, you might be interested to learn a little more about what’s trending when it comes to what we eat.

Allie Nowak, Clinic Sofia physician assistant and competitive athlete, places a priority on healthy eating. In particular, she continues to notice an uptick in interest and options for Paleo and gluten-free dining. Paleo focuses on protein-rich whole foods such as chicken, fish, red meat, organic full-fat dairy and organic eggs – all popular at the supermarket and in restaurants today. Nowak also notes that refined high-carb/high-sugar and low-fat foods are all on a downward trend.

“People are more interested in whole foods than processed ones, with recognizable ingredients. The best food choices have three ingredients or less,” Nowak said. “Personally, I advocate for a Paleo-like template as an initial starting point for my patients who have concerns such as gut issues, weight loss, fertility, anxiety and depression. Stabilizing blood sugar and creating a healthy gut can make a huge impact on how people feel and help them manage a wide variety of symptoms.”

She adds that consumers are starting to reject unhealthy foods – soda sales are at an all-time low – and increasingly demand organic foods, which are finally dropping in price. For more information on healthy eating, Nowak recommends checking out the Environmental Workers Group Dirty Dozen (the 12 foods containing the most pesticide residues) and Clean 15 at

Other top trends for the year include:

  • Meal-kit delivery services (such as Blue Apron) will remain popular and make a dent in restaurant sales;
  • Vegetables – particularly spiralized veggies – will be viewed more as comfort food as they continue to morph into pasta;
  • Food waste reduction will be an even greater emphasis in home and commercial kitchens, according to the National Restaurant Association and James Beard Foundation;
  • And ingredients you’ll see more of on menus everywhere include seaweed, ancient greens, turmeric, alternative sources of protein (edamame pasta or cereal made from beam protein), bone broth, artisanal meat/charcuterie, healthy kids meals and coconut everything (oil, sugar, chips, flour, etc.).

“Throughout 2017, I encourage you and your families to try new foods, spices and ethnic cuisines to broaden your minds and your palettes while introducing healthy foods into your diet,” Nowak added. “You can take turns choosing new menus and new items and make it a fun adventure for the year.”



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