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What’s on the Horizon? Anticipated Trends for 2022

From fresh colors to new foods to bright ideas, 2022 holds the promise of a new year and new trends.

“It’s always enjoyable to look over the horizon to see what’s coming in health and wellness and in the world,” said Physician Assistant Sarah Brock. “What are you looking forward to in the new year?”

Here are some of the fresh trends you can anticipate in 2022, according to experts across fields:

  • At-home and outdoor health and wellness. This pandemic trend is still going strong as more people both recognize and enjoy the convenience of working out at home and in the great outdoors, and more companies respond with at-home equipment, workouts and inspiration.
  • A new color palette. Pantone’s color of the year is Very Peri, a blue-purple hue with “a carefree confidence and a joyful attitude.” You can also expect to see more blues of all shades, daffodil yellow, shades of green and colors that inspire optimism.
  • Flexible lifestyles. Workplaces will continue to offer hybrid environments as more workers appreciate the flexibility of working from wherever. Likewise, “gig” work that embraces flexibility continues to grow in popularity.
  • Plantbased food, non-alcoholic beverages and robot servers move up the food and beverage scales. Restaurants that welcome dogs, smaller menus, bottled cocktails, sunflower products and potato milk also make the list for 2022 food and drink trends. More people will also experiment with part-time veganism in an effort to lighten their footprint.
  • In home design, nature and round shapes are in while exposed cabinets and open floor plans are trending downward. Other upcoming trends include greater use of florals, black accents and wallpaper that makes a statement.
  • A thirst for travel. Searches for all-inclusive travel are up along with interest in other countries and cultures. While some consumers remain wary of travel, personal travel will continue to tick up, while business travel is not expected to ever reach its previous peak.
  • The next wave in technology features artificial intelligence and alternate universes. Artificial intelligence will be used by more organizations, governments and individuals, with a focus on ethical AI that can detect Covid-19, for example, and reduce inefficiencies. The metaverse will continue to blend virtual and physical reality in an alternate universe where you can see concerts and exercise with your friends, all from the comfort of your home. And smart clothes will feature UV sensors that let you know you’re about to get a bad sunburn or monitor health conditions in patients.
  • A continued focus on convenience. Virtual medicine, contactless payment, faster delivery and curbside pickup rose during the pandemic and are here to stay, thanks to customer appreciation and support.

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