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Upcoming TeamWomen Events

Clinic Sofia is proud to be a longtime supporter of TeamWomen, a local nonprofit that brings women together for unique networking and mentoring opportunities, and we are particularly excited to share information about two upcoming events we hope you will join us for.

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The Latest in Diet Trends

Whether you are looking to lose weight, increase energy, sleep better or cut back on sugar, you may have heard of or considered trying the popular paleo and keto diet plans. Find more information about these trends and how they may impact your health and wellness.

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Ask Sofia: How can I cope with persistent UTIs?

Urinary tract infections or UTIs are an infection in any part of the urinary system, most commonly the bladder and urethra, although more serious infections can involve the kidneys. They are characterized by the classic symptoms of frequency, urgency and burning during urination as well as blood in the urine. While they are typically easy to treat with antibiotics, when UTIs also include a fever or flank pain in the low back or side of the body, they can indicate a more serious infection.

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Mental Health: When It’s Time for a Therapist

If your recent “mental health day” has turned into more of a “mental health month,” you might want to transition from self-care to that of a trained therapist. While it can be difficult to determine if your winter blues are the sign of something more serious, a therapist can be a great resource for pretty much everyone who has unanswered questions, needs support, or is facing a challenge at work or home.

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Ask Sofia: How long do I stay on birth control?

If your birth control is working for you, without any issues or side effects, you can likely continue it until you reach menopause or no longer need birth control, with some exceptions.

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Get Your Documents in Order in the New Year

New Year’s resolutions often focus on health, exercise and diet, but a financial check-up can be just as important to your overall wellness. While no one wants to think about illness or dying, being prepared when the moment comes can ensure that your wishes are met and will make things easier for your loved ones.

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