Preparing for Labor and Delivery

Whether you’re in your first trimester or just a few days from your due date, it is never too early or too late to prepare for labor and delivery. Especially if this is your first child, a little preparation can go a long ways toward calming your mind (and body) in advance of the big day. How to prepare for such a life-changing event? –Take a class – or two. Hospitals and other organizations offer classes on everything from breastfeeding to labor techniques and can help you mentally and emotionally prepare for what’s around the bend. –Talk to your doctor. Eventually, you’ll be seeing her every week, so this is the perfect time to ask any and every question: What are you worried about? Do you have a birth plan? What else do you need to consider in the meantime?

–Take a tour. When you see where you’ll be dropped off, where you’ll take the elevator, where you’ll be delivering and recovering, you won’t find yourself panicked or lost in a maze when the time comes. –Determine who will be welcome after your little one is born and how you will communicate. Some people want their entire extended family to visit immediately, while others need more time to recover and enjoy those first moments. Likewise, will you make a few phone calls, send a mass email or use social media to share the big news? –Breathe. And take care of yourself. It is natural to be nervous. When you are getting rest, doing the things you enjoy and communicating with your partner, you will be less
stressed when those first contractions start. That breathing will come in handy then, too!


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