Dr. Erin Stevens Shares Postpartum Tips for Parents

Naturally, Labor Day is a special day at Clinic Sofia. This year, Dr. Erin Stevens joined the morning crew at Fox 9 Good Day to share some tips for what to expect after pregnancy.

Dr. Stevens noted that most postpartum advice focuses on baby: “Yes, we’re excited about a baby coming into the world—it’s a really wonderful, happy thing–but we kind of lose sight of the person who’s growing that human and has to deal with all that recovery and change afterwards. Knowing what’s normal, how to prepare, what’s not normal and when you need to seek help is so important.”

She wrote “Unexpected: A Postpartum Survival Guide” to help parents prepare for the “fourth trimester” postpartum period. She also likes to give a “postpartum survival kit” as a shower gift, recognizing that there will be plenty of onesies, diapers and baby gear to go around. Her kit typically includes pads (“in every shape and size”), medications for pain and constipation, a nice water bottle to support hydration, mesh underwear (a “game-changer!”) and a few indulgences such as a face sheet mask, candy bar or gift card for food.

“Take a deep breath,” she encouraged. “Try to stay off the internet and all of the things it tells you you need to do. For the baby itself, you need so few things: somewhere to sleep, something to eat and some way to get rid of the diapers. Figure out who your team is—who is going to be there for support—and get some supplies for yourself so that you’re ready for your recovery. It’s going to be ok!”

Dr. Stevens also encouraged new parents to call with questions, noting that doctors are happy to respond to concerns and offer support. “Theres a lot of ups and downs after having a baby,” she said. “But if it’s feeling more negative than positive, if you find that it’s hard to enjoy those moments with your new baby, if you’re finding it hard to just get through your normal activities…communicate with your loved ones and your care provider.”

Click here to see the full segment.


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