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If you are pregnant—or struggling to get pregnant—you may have already had an ultrasound. These safe imaging tests, also called sonograms, use sound waves to take a closer look at your organs and tissues and to monitor fetal growth and development during pregnancy. An ultrasound can help predict your anticipated date of delivery and show baby’s shape and position—not to mention multiple pregnancies.

There are two types of ultrasounds that you might receive at Clinic Sofia: an abdominal ultrasound and a transvaginal ultrasound.

During an abdominal ultrasound, a sonographer spreads a water-based gel on your abdomen and pelvis, which helps transmit sound waves. Your sonographer will move a handheld wand called a transducer over your abdomen; the sound waves create a picture of your developing baby. You may be required to come with a full bladder, which can push the uterus higher in the pelvis for clearer imagery.

Transvaginal ultrasounds are often used earlier in pregnancy—especially if you are receiving an ultrasound before eight weeks. Here, the wand is inserted a few centimeters into the vagina; it’s important to note that the transducer is smaller than a speculum, making this procedure more comfortable than an annual pelvic exam.

In addition, transvaginal ultrasounds can be used to assess fibroids, abnormal vaginal bleeding, ovarian cysts, IUD placement, ectopic pregnancy, fertility issues and more.

Many patients receive both types of ultrasounds during their pregnancies. At Clinic Sofia, pregnant patients can expect to receive two or three ultrasounds throughout their pregnancy. The first sonogram, a “dating ultrasound,” occurs after pregnancy has been detected to help pinpoint a due date. Then, there is an optional sonogram in the first trimester to conduct genetic screening, followed by an ultrasound at 20 weeks to check the placenta, ensure baby is positioned correctly and perform an anatomy scan—this is when you will potentially learn if you’re having a girl or boy if you want to know ahead of time.

“Many expecting parents are thrilled to receive ultrasounds so they can see their baby developing and growing,” said Dr. Pam Jordi. “However, if you’re a little nervous, you’re not alone. Our sonographers are the best in the business and they do an amazing job of explaining what you’re seeing as they go. Ultrasounds are an amazing way to take a closer look at your body and your baby.”

Clinic Sofia is proud to be certified by the American Institute of Ultrasound (AIUM), which entails additional training and demonstrates that we meet or exceed nationally recognized standards in performing and interpreting diagnostic ultrasound exams.


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