Clinic Sofia Introduces MonaLisa Touch

Many of you have told us about the high cost of creams for the vagina and vulva as well as the inability to keep up an application routine, the messiness and subsequent discontinuation of the treatments.

We heard from others who have not been able to use estrogens because of personal or family history of cancer that prevents the use of hormones or any kind.

We have also heard you talk about mild but bothersome urine leakage after childbirth as well as the cost of surgery with high deductibles and costs not covered by insurance.

We were listening and looking for a better way that would not require hospitalization or the daily use of expensive creams.  We are thrilled to bring you the MonaLisa Touch®, an in-office procedure with very little downtime and impressive results.

What is the MonaLisa Touch?

Women who suffer from vaginal discomfort due to pregnancy or childbirth as well as menopause and breast cancer now have a treatment option available at Clinic Sofia. The MonaLisa Touch, a minimally invasive laser treatment, is a non-surgical way to help women achieve optimal vaginal health and combat vaginal atrophy with no side effects, pain or down time. It can reduce incontinence, increase sexual pleasure and enhance quality of life.

Available beginning in May in Edina, the MonaLisa Touch laser can address many of the adverse effects of menopause, breast or gynecological cancer, or post-delivery vaginal changes, including burning and dryness. Women who take ongoing prescriptions for pain relief or who are considering surgery can benefit from this simple and safe procedure. Following is a Q&A that explains the treatment, who it’s for and potential results.

Am I a candidate?

The treatment was designed specifically for women experiencing painful symptoms such as vaginal dryness, burning or stretching as well as challenges with intimacy. It is effective for women of all ages and stages, including peri-menopause through post-menopause, and those struggling with vaginal issues, urinary incontinence or pain following certain cancers and childbirth.

How does it work?

Patients receive three five-minute treatments at six-week intervals in the office, with annual follow-up as needed. During the minimally invasive treatment, a vaginal probe is inserted into the vagina to stimulate healing of the vaginal wall.  There is no downtime following the treatment.

What are the benefits?

Many women report significantly reduced vaginal pain as well as increased moisture and greater sexual pleasure after just one round of the treatment, although three rounds are recommended for maximum effectiveness.

And risks?

The laser is virtually painless and there are little to no side effects – a cooling cream can be applied to reduce any discomfort. Patients are asked to refrain from sex for two to three days following a treatment.

Why is Clinic Sofia offering this?

We have been impressed by the results and the clinical research. The experts in female pelvic health tout its effectiveness, and we know there is a need from talking with our patients. At Clinic Sofia, we are always looking at new technologies and treatments to better the lives of our patients.


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