Questions You’re Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Doctor

At Clinic Sofia, we hope that there are no questions you’re too embarrassed to ask us—that’s what we’re here for! We are your advocate and are happy to discuss any questions and concerns you have. With that said, following are five questions (and answers) that some women are hesitant to ask. Is painful sex normal? […]

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Breast Self-Exams

you are familiar with your breasts – how they feel, how they look, how they react – then you are more likely to notice if something changes or goes awry. You are the best expert on your body, and self-exams only take a few minutes to perform.

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Common Breast Concerns

Breasts offer function, shape and beauty, but along with those can also come tenderness, discharge, lumps, soreness and, of course, sagging.

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Anatomy of the Breast

How well do you really know your breasts? You’re probably familiar with the nipple and areola, but breasts also consist of fat, connective tissue, lobes, lymph nodes and more. If yours will be covered in turtlenecks, jackets and scarves for months to come, there’s no better time than now to learn how they function on the inside as well as look on the outside.

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Clinic Sofia Partners with New River Medical Center

Clinic Sofia patients now have even more options when it comes to health care: Clinic Sofia and New River Medical Center recently partnered to bring gynecological services and specialized care for women in the Monticello community. Appointments begin Oct. 26. Clinic Sofia will also provide both gynecological and obstetrical services at the New River Medical […]

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A Closer Look at Pelvic Pain

Whether due to endometriosis, fibroids, a urinary tract infection, adhesions, irritable bowel syndrome or pelvic inflammatory disease, pelvic pain can be internal or external, mild or intense pain below the belly button. Pelvic pain can include menstrual cramps, pain during intercourse or urination as well as chronic pain that affects everything from relationships to work, activities […]

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