Baby safety during Covid-19

Dr. Amy Hammers welcomed her second child, Elijah, in May. Parenting a newborn always comes with its ups and downs, but being a mom of a newborn during a pandemic entails even more challenges. September is Baby Safety Month, the perfect time to focus on caring for babies during unusual times.

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Ask Sofia: When Should I Reach out to a Lactation Consultant?

While most women intend to breastfeed, a full 92 percent report struggling just with nursing just three days after giving birth, according to UC Davis Medical Center research. Issues include sore nipples, latching and sucking problems, milk supply, slow baby weight gain and more. That’s where a lactation consultant can come in.

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Clinic Sofia Stands With the BIPOC Community Against Racism

Clinic Sofia OBGYN stands in solidarity with the BIPOC community against systemic racism and oppression experienced every day in America.

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Life after Baby: The Unexpected

While most postpartum manuals focus on babies, “Unexpected” examines the issues many new parents struggle to talk about: stitches, C-section recovery, cramping and bleeding, pooping and peeing, sex, birth control, mental health, bonding and the various ways to feed babies.

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The beautiful babies of 2019

At Clinic Sofia, our team was honored to deliver hundreds of your beautiful babies in 2019! No matter how many deliveries we attend, we are always amazed at the magic of newborns and the parents who welcome them into their growing families.

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Ask Sofia: Should I choose a childcare center or nanny?

The daycare decision for working parents can be one of the most stressful to make. Nanny? Childcare center? Or a little bit of both? It is smart to start brainstorming options fairly early on in your pregnancy, since many centers will have wait lists for newborn spots.

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