Family Planning

Birth Control After Baby

While you may not even have time to think about sex after delivering a baby, it is important to remember that breastfeeding is not a reliable form of birth control, and that you should consider your options when it comes to family planning.
If you’ve been given the green light during your six-week checkup to have sex, then consider the following birth control options:
• Condoms and lubrication: While they may not be your partner’s favorite, condoms are simple, hormone-free and come with the extra lubrication that you may need, since breastfeeding hormones can increase vaginal dryness.
• Mini-pills: If you are breastfeeding, the mini-pill is a good option; it contains a small amount of progestin and must be taken at the same time each day. Women must wait at least four weeks after delivery to start using birth control methods that contain estrogen, such as the traditional birth control pill and the patch, which can increase the risk of blood clots.

• IUDs and diaphragms: These can both be used again post-pregnancy, but you will need to be fitted for a new one, since your body has changed.
• Permanent birth control: If you’re certain that your family is complete, you may want to consider Essure. Hailed as the most effective permanent birth control available, Essure is surgery- and hormone-free. A quick in-office procedure, the Essure insert (which is made of the same material proven safe for heart stents and other medical devices) is inserted in the fallopian tubes through the vagina, so no incisions are required. The body works with the inserts over the course of three months to form a natural barrier in the fallopian tubes which prevents sperm from reaching the eggs.

Remember, some forms of birth control take several weeks to be effective, so be mindful about your choices.


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