Aging & Menopause

Aging and the Female Body

Whether you’re noticing the outward signs of aging such as fine lines and more brittle hair or the inner signs – decreased metabolism or loss of flexibility, for example – your body continues to change with each year and each decade. Other signs of aging can include hair loss, dry eyes and skin, sluggish digestion, issues with bladder control as well as menopause. With that said, there are a variety of measures you can take to keep your body feeling young, looking good and going strong. For instance, your muscles only weaken if you let them. And while the heart does become less efficient at pumping blood, cardiovascular exercise and strength training together will boost your metabolism and help you build or maintain muscle mass. Sleep is also critical to your health as you age; when you don’t get enough sleep, you’re likely to be more stressed, more hungry and more likely to skip your workout.

Working out your mind by reading, trying new hobbies, doing puzzles or writing can help slow the mental aging process. Of course, making good choices when it comes to nutrition (and recognizing that your caloric needs decrease over time) will help you feel good from the inside out. And schedule regular check-ups for your eyes, ears, teeth and body to stay on top of everything, making sure you take the time to talk with your doctor or dentist regarding any issues or concerns. Likewise, learning to celebrate your body year after year and making a conscious decision regarding your attitude toward aging can make the second half of your life that much more enjoyable. In short, keep moving, wear your sunscreen, eat well, keep your mind sharp and get plenty of sleep. And whenever you feel frustrated about wrinkles, dryness or other signs of aging, take a moment to remember the benefits of perspective, wisdom and appreciation that often go hand in hand with age and experience.


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