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How Can I Boost my Low Libido?

Valentine’s Day and a low libido are not an ideal duo. Loss of desire peaks between the ages of 35 and 64, according to WebMD, particularly before and after menopause. Libido can dip due to hormonal changes, stress or lack of sleep, loss of
confidence and a host of other reasons, but it does not have to be a permanent change.While many women are reluctant to discuss changes in sexual desire, talking to your doctor can help you unearth the reasons behind low libido.  They can help to evaluate what is going on inside your body that may impact libido and the ability to achieve sexual satisfaction. For example, a decrease in estrogen levels following menopause can alter sex drive significantly while also reducing blood flow to the vagina, leading to dryness and a further decrease in arousal. Likewise, testosterone and androgens (male hormones) also decrease in both sexes with age, influencing sexual desire. When you add in stress, lack of sleep, busy schedules and relationship issues, low libido and lifestyle can create a vicious cycle of disconnection and disinterest in sex.

To boost libido, it is important to address whatever issues are influencing your level of desire, whether it is spending some non-sexual romantic time with your significant other (this can include massage, kissing, talking or enjoying a glass of red wine), finding a water-based lubricant or vaginal cream that helps with dryness, getting more exercise to reduce stress levels, seeking counseling to manage lifestyle and relationship challenges, self-stimulation or changing medications. In addition, the hormone patch and hormone replacement therapy can also help increase libido. The pressure of a romantic holiday or big event can be anything but stimulating. Give yourself the time, space and self-care you need – letting go of expectations and “should”s. Focus more on romance and appreciation and less on performance this month.



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