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Busting Myths About Birth Control

Always a hot topic, birth control has been both revered and reviled through the ages. Clinic Sofia offers a variety of options and education when it comes to birth control, including these five common birth control myths: 1) Birth control will make me gain weight. A review of 44 different studies found this myth to be just that, according to WebMD. While a few women may gain a few pounds initially, generally due to water retention, that minimal weight gain is usually lost within a few months and can be managed through a healthy diet and regular exercise. 2) Birth control isn’t necessary when I’m breastfeeding. Many subsequent pregnancies are proof that this, too, is a myth. While breastfeeding can prevent ovulation in some women, you can’t determine how long this will last and if you’re protected. According to a study from Johns Hopkins, 20 percent of new moms start ovulating within three months of giving birth.3) Birth control is expensive. Not anymore. Thanks to 2012 health care reforms, private insurance companies must now cover key women’s preventive health services, including birth control, without copays or other extra charges. That means that even the more expensive options are more available and affordable than ever before.

4) Birth control will make me moody. This myth can be true in some cases—some women react poorly to certain types of birth control due to fluctuating hormone levels. However, with the variety of options available today—intrauterine birth control, implants, inserts, patches and the pill—you can find something that works with your mood, your body and your lifestyle. Likewise, most side effects wear off quickly for most women. 5) Using birth control to suppress periods isn’t healthy. Continuously taking any type of birth control will suppress or reduce your periods. While no long-term studies have been done on period suppression, the 21 days on, seven days off of the typical birth control pill is already an artificial schedule and there is no medical reason you need to have a period, unless you are hoping to conceive. In addition, reduced menstruation has been shown to reduce the risk of uterine and ovarian cancers, not to mention the comfort factor. At Clinic Sofia, we’d be happy to discuss any questions you have regarding birth control options and myths.


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