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Finding a Funny Side to Infertility

If you’ve struggled with infertility, you know it is not especially fun or funny. However, when one Clinic Sofia patient found herself laughing about certain aspects of her own experience, she sought to create a community to share some of the more humorous aspects to what she and others endure on their path to parenthood.

Lisa Tuttle recently founded a nonprofit and website called Farcical Fertility—a place where couples can come to “laugh instead of cry” and share their own experiences or read others’ stories. The site also accepts donations, which will be used to provide fertility grants that will be given to help relieve the financial burden of infertility treatments for couples in need.

We recently talked to Lisa to get a bit more background on this unique website:

What is Farcical Fertility?

Farcical, meaning humorous or ridiculous in nature, is the word that I would describe for some of the experiences we had throughout our journey to become parents. I really wanted there to be a community for those dealing with fertility to share their stories in laughter rather than tears. I also am hoping to raise money to help support the cost of IVF for those who couldn’t afford it otherwise.

Why did you start this?

I got so bogged down with sad stories, or do’s and don’ts, and they did nothing but make me more depressed, worried and anxious. Also, throughout our journey of five rounds of IUI and six rounds of IVF, it became increasingly more tough to remain positive and see the bright side of the situation.

I wanted to start a website to help others, as I wish I would have had these stories to read for myself while I was going through the process. Also, as unfortunate as we were with several rounds of treatment, we were fortunate enough to have the means to pay…It devastates me to think of those who don’t even get a chance because of the financial burden.

What do you hope to accomplish?

At Farcical Fertility we really have two missions: 1. To get people to laugh, share their own stories and know they are not going through this alone. 2. To raise funds (we were recently approved as a 501c3 nonprofit!) to provide grants to other individuals/couples in need to help cover the costs of IVF.

Where are you at with your infertility journey?

I am thrilled to say, that after the sixth and final round of IVF, and our last two remaining embryos were implanted, I am due with twins this Christmas!

“It is wonderful to see Lisa share her positive energy and sense of humor with others going through what can be a particular stressful time,” said Dr. Donna Block. “We are so proud of her for creating this community and also establishing a way to help couples get financial assistance for infertility treatments.”

To learn more about Farcical Fertility, read other’s farcical stories or share your own, visit



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