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Updating Your Holiday Traditions for 2020

From St. Patrick’s Day up through New Year’s, our holidays have looked and felt a lot different this year. Even when it’s challenging to deal with change and uncertainty, we can always find moments of gratitude and fun.

If you are struggling with not seeing family members, missing out on travel or favorite traditions, or just feeling a little “bah humbug” about the season, here are some ideas for updating your holiday traditions or welcoming in a few new ones this year:

  • Create a time capsule: Clearly, 2020 is a year to remember! Gather up objects (thermometer, hand sanitizer, maybe a toilet paper roll?) and write down memories from this year. You can also find templates for time capsules online. Build your capsule and decide when you will open it again. This can be a great way for the entire family to process the year with laughs and tears.
  • Get hands-on: Make your own gingerbread house (or find a great kit)! Create wrapping paper with the kids. String popcorn on thread with cranberries to create a seasonal garland. Craft snowflakes. It can feel both good and productive to do something with your hands and allows for a little creative expression. Don’t worry about perfection—just enjoy the art and act of creating something from scratch!
  • Give back. Create meaning by finding a way to volunteer virtually or donate to a family or organization in need.
  • Play. Try family bingo or Yahtzee via Zoom. Start an ice-skating tradition for New Year’s Day. Create a backyard scavenger hunt. Playful traditions are memorable and, of course, a lot of fun!
  • Share favorite recipes or create a longdistance baking contest: You can still make your mom’s fudge recipe this year. You can also spark some fun with a cooking contest based on appearance, texture and taste (subjective, of course) with a prize of your choosing. You can even create a document or fancy recipe book with the collected recipes.

Finally, it is important to feel your feelings. It is ok to grieve for what is lost. It is also wise to acknowledge that everything is always changing and to look for the light at the end the tunnel.

“We often want our traditions to stay exactly the same, but as our lives and families change, many of our holiday traditions do as well. Do your best to celebrate what you have and what you still have to look forward to this year,” added Dr. Deb Krahl. “We are thrilled that vaccines are on the horizon and are all looking forward to 2021!”


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