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COVID-19: Updated FAQ M Health Fairview Southdale COVID Expansion – April 24th

  1. News just came out that Fairview Southdale will be one of the sites taking Covid-19 patients.  Why was Southdale hospital chosen as an overflow site?
    • As Covid cases continue to increase, there is anticipation that the designated Bethesda hospital will reach capacity levels. In preparation, the M Health system has formulated a plan to designate St. Joseph’s Hospital and Southdale Hospital as overflow facilities.  These facilities were chosen for there proximity to Bethesda Hospital and their ICU capabilities.
  2. How will they determine what hospital Covid-19 patients will be placed?
    • When one location’s ICU or medical surgical units reaches 75% capacity, the leaders will begin preparing the next location.  St. Joseph’s will be the first to take overflow patients then followed by Southdale.
  3. How will this affect the birth center and my plans to deliver there?
    • The birth place will plan to operate as usual despite the potential increase in Covid patients.  There will be no overflow from the ICU into the birthplace.  Both vaginal and cesarean sections will continue as you and your provider have planned.
  4. How is Southdale keeping me safe from Covid exposure?
    • Southdale is taking specific measures to keep you safe from Covid exposure.  First, there is a designated entrance for healthy birth place patients at Door #6.  Symptomatic patients will enter at a different door through the emergency department.  Upon entry, every patient and support person will be screened for symptoms and temperatures measured.  Every patient, support person and staff with be wearing a mask throughout your hospitalization.  Once in the hospital, patient are required to remain in their rooms as to minimize patient to patient contact in hallways.  Doctors are taking extreme safety measures when coming into contact with a Covid-19 patient or person under investigation.  They are diligent about appropriate personal protective equipment and hand hygiene to prevent any viral spread.  Finally, Southdale has enacted visitor restrictions which allow only one healthy adult support person per delivery hospitalization.  If you have any further questions regarding visitor restrictions, please discuss with your provider or review the M health website for further details.
  5. If I am not comfortable delivering at Southdale, what other hospital options do I have?
    • As a patient at Clinic Sofia, you can deliver at either Southdale Hospital or Maple Grove Hospital.  Our doctors do not have delivery privileges at any other hospitals in the twin cities.  If you are interested in delivering at Maple Grove hospital, first check your insurance coverage to make sure there are no location restrictions.  Second, discuss your decision with your provider and how to go about completing pre-hospitalization registration.
  6. Are either of the hospitals doing universal COVID testing?
    • Yes.  At Southdale, a policy has recently been rolled out to do Covid testing all admitted Obstetric patients.  Please discuss with your provider any questions you may have about Covid testing.

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